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Drugs, Disarmament and
Social Justice program

Our program is promoting initiatives to build policies based on social justice, aiming to improve the drug control system and move towards disarmament and justice reform

Mediation and reconciliation office

In a global context marked by tensions and conflicts, the need to find peaceful pathways to resolve disputes between the State and groups in conflict is imperative. Our mediation and reconciliation office emerges as an entity specialized in facilitating constructive dialogue between the parties involved, with the aim of reaching agreements that promote peace and stability.

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The United Nations Office for Disarmament reunited 25 young leaders to carry out research and advocacy about the youth, peace and security agenda.

We participated in this process by organizing forums on youth, disarmament and weapons non-proliferation, drafting public policy recommendations and publishing working papers.


We are a drug policy consultancy. Our social justice focus aims to ensure equity in the psychoactive industry by promoting the participation of communities marginalized by the war on drugs.

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